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Gemstone Pave' Rings Come On Down!!

I really like to Pave'. Here are some of the fruits of my labor. Oh and let me explain what this whole Pave' thing is. Okay, so I use hardening clay that I have mixed together and I apply the clay on whatever my base is. If I am using a Gemstone, I settle the clay in and partially around the Gemstone. It takes about 45 mins to an hour for the clay to start getting firm. So, I move quickly and press Crystals into the clay. The clay bonds to the base and the Gemstone like second skin, I mean, it's not going anywhere. And then as long as everything goes well, I let the ring dry for 24 hrs and Wallah!

I chose to make rings via the pave' process because I've always loved rings. I am not a metalsmith, so I had to find another way to make Gemstone rings. They are very unique and I hope that everyone enjoys them!

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